COVID-19 Vaccine Shipments Impacted by Severe Winter Weather

Published On: February 16, 2021

The Illinois Department of Public Health has been notified that CDC is projecting potential impacts to planned deliveries this week due to local road conditions in Illinois, as well as other states across the nation impacted by the severe winter weather. This situation is ongoing and IDPH will continue to provide updates as they are received from CDC and other partners.

Updates provided by CDC today are as follows:

  1. Moderna vaccine: Moderna vaccines were not shipped from McKesson, the Moderna vaccine distributor, on Monday, February 15 due to weather conditions. Moderna vaccines will not ship from McKesson today, February 16 due to impacts from adverse weather.
  • Last week, some Moderna vaccine shipments were pulled back to the McKesson depots because they were unable to be delivered due to weather conditions. A small number of these shipments were repacked and sent out on Sunday for delivery on Monday, February 15. For the remaining shipments, McKesson will reschedule vaccine deliveries once weather conditions allow shipments to resume.
  1. Pfizer vaccine: Pfizer vaccines were not shipped out on Monday, February 15 due to weather conditions. Deliveries for Pfizer vaccines that shipped into local markets over the weekend for intended Monday or Tuesday delivery may still be occurring, depending upon local conditions. A limited number of Pfizer vaccine shipments are being processed by Pfizer today, February 16 for shipment through Indianapolis. Tracking information is posted in I-CARE once these packages ship.

There is an expectation that delays related to this historic weather event will continue through this week. CDC has committed to continuing to update IDPH and all other jurisdictions regarding adverse weather conditions. IDPH will continue to share updates and guidance as it is received from CDC.

Any questions about the viability of vaccines after delivery should be directed to

Please exercise extreme caution during vaccination operations to ensure the safety of your staff, volunteers, and patients. Consider moving outdoor PODs to an appropriate indoor location if available, ensure clinics are prepared for appointment cancelations due to the weather and do not prepare too much vaccine in advance of the clinics. Consider communicating to your municipal partners about snow removal around vaccination PODs.

Please continue to monitor forecasts for your area of operation.

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