Guidance for Grocery Shopping

Published On: April 2, 2020

Stay home if you are sick.

Consider food or meal delivery; have family or friends shop for you.

  • Go shopping at a time that’s less busy.
  • Keep social distance while in the store (6-feet or two arms-length from other shoppers and grocery store staff).
  • Use sanitizing wipes to clean and disinfect carts and shopping baskets.
  • Bring a germicide to wipe your hands before and after shopping.
  • Use tap and pay or credit/debit cards for purchases to reduce the risk of transmission through money.
  • Use self-checkout lanes where possible to limit contact with employees.
  • Use curbside pickup or grocery delivery services.
  • Don’t use reusable bags.
  • When you return home, wash your hands after handling packages and when finished putting items away.
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