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Environmental Health Services

Tick Season: What You Need to Know

When warmer weather arrives, nearly everyone welcomes the opportunity to go outside. Unfortunately, ticks also become active. The following information will help you recognize ticks, know where they live, and understand how to protect yourself and your loved ones from tick bites.

Water Protection Program

The Moultrie County Health Department, in accordance with Illinois Department of Public Health requirements, provides permits to all persons installing a new water well, repairing or re-constructing an existing well, or sealing an abandoned or unusable well. Provision of permits includes a plan review, inspection, and consumer education as appropriate. The Moultrie County Health Department also provides information on different types of well systems, Illinois Department of Public Health construction and location requirements, safe water supply maintenance, etc. Water testing is also available for well and cistern systems.

Download Well Application

Food Service Inspections & Permits

The Moultrie County Health Department provides routine inspections of Moultrie County retail food and food service facilities as required by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Consumer complaints, as well as potential foodborne illnesses, are also investigated. Temporary events conducted by non-food service organizations are reviewed to enhance the safety of food served to the public in Moultrie County. The Moultrie County Health Department routinely provides information and updates on food-related issues to all food service facilities, and upon request to residents of Moultrie County.

Download the Permit Application to Operate a Temporary Food Service Facility

Vector Surveillance and Control

The Moultrie County Health Department provides education and larvicide to community officials and individuals throughout Moultrie County in an effort to reduce the incidence of West Nile Virus, encephalitis, and other mosquito and insect-borne illnesses in humans and animals. Information on insect control and illness prevention, signs and symptoms and disease follow-up is available year-round by contacting the Moultrie County Health Department.

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