Bridging the Gap: The CDC’s Bridge Access Program

Bridging the Gap: The CDC’s Bridge Access Program

In the ongoing battle against COVID-19, access to vaccines has proven to be our most potent weapon.

We are bridging the healthcare gap.

The United States has taken a giant leap forward in ensuring all individuals have access to the 2023-24 COVID-19 vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has launched the Bridge Access Program.

What is the Bridge Access Program?

The Bridge Access Program offers a lifeline to adults without health insurance and those whose insurance doesn't cover the total cost of COVID-19 vaccines.

Medicare Part B is expected to fully cover the cost of the 2023-24 COVID-19 vaccine for participating individuals aged 65 and over. However, third-party insurance may not always provide the same coverage.

The Bridge Access Program will cover the cost of receiving the 2023-24 COVID-19 vaccine for adults of any age whose insurance doesn’t fully cover the vaccine, regardless of deductibles, etc.

Who benefits from the Bridge Access Program?

Adults without health insurance:
Many adults in the U.S. find themselves without health insurance for various reasons. The Bridge Access Program ensures these individuals are not excluded from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine due to financial constraints.

Underinsured individuals:
Even adults with health insurance may face limitations in their coverage. Some insurance plans may not fully cover the cost of 2023-24 COVID-19 vaccines.

The Bridge Access Program covers these gaps. The program ensures everyone can afford the vaccine without the added cost of deductibles or other coverage-related expenses.

What are the benefits of the Bridge Access Program for all of us?

Public health:
The COVID-19 virus has no boundaries without intervention. The Bridge Access Program helps make vaccination possible for those who might otherwise be unable to afford it.

When we or the people around us are vaccinated against COVID-19, we reduce our personal risk of becoming seriously ill from or further transmitting the virus. When significant portions of our population get vaccinated, we improve our “herd immunity,” which benefits everyone.

Economic health:
The height of the recent pandemic wreaked havoc on the U.S. economy. It affected businesses, jobs, and livelihoods.

Vaccination against COVID-19 reduces the threat of the virus’s impact on our lives and subsequently improves our likelihood of continuing normal day-to-day activities.

The Bridge Access Program can help sustain our personal and local economic well-being by making the vaccine more affordable for our working-age population.

How can you find providers participating in the Bridge Access Program?

Obtaining a 2023-24 COVID-19 vaccine covered by the Bridge Access Program is fairly straightforward and user-friendly.

Interested individuals can visit the CDC's official website or contact local healthcare providers to find vaccine sites offering this service.

No proof of insurance is required, and the vaccines are provided at no cost to the recipient.

Protecting our communities from COVID-19.

By ensuring that 2023-24 COVID-19 vaccines are accessible to all adults, the Bridge Access Program benefits everyone.

The Moultrie County Health Department is participating in the Bridge Access Program and will be providing 2023-24 COVID-19 vaccines to individuals who wish to use this program. Likewise, we will also be providing COVID-19 vaccines for those with Medicare, Medicaid, third-party insurance, etc.

For more information on when the 2023-24 COVID-19 vaccines become available at the MCHD, watch our ads in the News-Progress and Arthur Graphic Clarion, as well as our website and Facebook page.

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