Back-to-School Immunizations for Students in August 2023

Back-to-School Immunizations for Students in August 2023

Start now to ensure your child or teen is prepared for the new school year.

Protecting your child from vaccine-preventable diseases.

You want to do what’s best for your child. So, you use age-appropriate car seats and child-proof safeguards in your home. As they get older, you set boundaries and look for other ways to keep them safe from harm.

However, one of the best ways to help protect children, from birth to age 18 and beyond, is to ensure they have their recommended immunizations before the new school year begins.

The Moultrie County Health Department (MCHD) will conduct Back-to-School Immunization Clinics during August.

What immunizations are required before entering schools in Illinois?

The State of Illinois requires all children to have essential vaccinations that protect them from specific infectious diseases before entering school.

The number and schedule of these vaccinations depend on a student’s age, grade, and vaccine history.

Are there exemptions to vaccination requirements?

Children can be exempted from the current vaccination requirements for the following reasons:
Religious: Parents/Guardians requesting religious exemptions from health requirements must complete the required form with their child’s healthcare provider.

Medical: If your child has a physical condition that prevents adherence to the vaccination schedule, their healthcare provider should indicate this on a physical examination form or in written documentation. Depending on your child’s medical condition, this may need to be reviewed annually.

Five good reasons to complete your student’s back-to-school vaccines now:

#1. Vaccines reduce your child’s risk of severe illness.
Thanks to scientific medical advances, vaccines can help protect your child against a variety of infectious diseases. In fact, the risk of contracting diseases that once injured or killed thousands of children is significantly reduced due to the widespread use of vaccines.

#2. Vaccines are safe and effective.
Doctors and healthcare providers only recommend vaccines to children after a long and careful review by scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals.

Vaccines will involve some discomfort and may cause pain, redness, or tenderness at the injection site. However, such side effects are minimal compared to the pain, discomfort, and trauma of the diseases these vaccines prevent.

#3. Vaccine side effects are rare.
Serious side effects following vaccination, such as severe allergic reactions, are rare. A child or adolescent’s risk of having a health problem from immunization is much less than their risk of suffering from the disease.

#4. Vaccines protect those we care about.
Vaccinated children are far less likely to suffer from or transmit vaccine-preventable illnesses to people around them, like their teachers, friends, and family members.

Individuals who are vaccinated also help protect infants, the elderly, and people with chronic conditions or weakened immune systems who may not be able to be vaccinated.

#5. Vaccines can save your family time and money.
Some vaccine-preventable diseases result in prolonged illnesses and disabilities. These can take a financial toll on a family because of lost time at work, medical bills, or long-term disability care.

In contrast, getting vaccinated against these diseases is a good investment. The minimal time and effort required to receive a vaccination can be planned in advance at a facility and time that is convenient for you.

How can I get help paying for these vaccines?

Most health insurance plans cover routine vaccinations. The Vaccines for Children (VCF) program also provides vaccines for children 18 years and younger who are uninsured, underinsured, American Indian, Alaska Native, or Medicaid-eligible. You can learn more about VFC by clicking here.

Schedule appointments for back-to-school immunizations today!

We invite you to contact the Moultrie County Health Department at (217) 728-4114 to book appointments for back-to-school immunizations. The MCHD offers the VFC program and accepts Medicaid and most health insurance plans.

The August Back-to-School Immunization Clinics offered at the Moultrie County Health Department are listed on our website and Facebook page. Clinic appointments are already filling. Please call us today and make your child’s appointment!

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