The Value of Temporary Food Permits

The Value of Temporary Food Permits

How does this permit process benefit Moultrie County residents, local events, organizations, and vendors?

Are Temporary Food Permits necessary?

Completing a Temporary Food Permit (TFP) might seem like a tedious procedure, but it serves an essential purpose. The TFP application process allows public health officials to ensure everyone’s best interests and safety are protected.

Let’s consider how the TFP application process benefits everyone who organizes, serves, and participates in Moultrie County food events.

How do temporary food permits benefit Moultrie County residents?

The TFP process assists the Moultrie County Health Department (MCHD) in protecting the public’s health by ensuring that all food vendors in Moultrie County can:

Uphold Food Safety Regulations:
Our public health staff reviews the TFP application before issuing a Temporary Food Permit. This allows them to verify that all food served is obtained from approved, safe sources.

MCHD staff also confirms the vendor can properly prepare and maintain all food products for the duration of the event. These initial assurances are critical in maintaining safe food service and protecting the public’s health.

Ensure Sanitary Conditions:
Our public health staff also evaluates the facilities and equipment for the proposed event during the permitting process. Likewise, the personal health, hygiene, and food-handling practices of individuals preparing and serving the food are reviewed and discussed with event organizers.

This attention to appropriate facilities and cleanliness minimizes the risk of food contamination. It also protects vendors and consumers from the liabilities and negative health consequences of a foodborne illness.

Prioritize Safe Food Handling:
Obtaining a Temporary Food Permit requires vendors to document their plan for maintaining safe food temperatures during storage, preparation, cooking, and serving. All individuals serving food to the public are required to adhere to food safety guidelines for food preparation and serving.

How do Temporary Food Permits benefit local events and vendors?

The TFP application process is a proactive approach to assist vendors in planning a safe food event. It also allows the MCHD staff to confirm the vendor’s knowledge and ability to:

Uphold Uniform Standards:
A Temporary Food Permit represents the local health department and food vendor’s commitment to maintaining uniform food safety standards.

These standards are set forth in the FDA Food Service Code. The Code establishes required practices and procedures to protect the public’s health, regardless of the event's size or location.

Ensure Compliance and Accountability:
In Illinois, all food service providers and events planning to serve food to the public are legally required to have a Food Service Permit. This requirement applies regardless of event size or whether there is a charge for the food being served.

Non-compliance with the TFP process and required safety standards can lead to fines, penalties, or event suspension.

Respect Public Trust:
A properly posted Temporary Food Permit encourages public trust in the operation. It can also potentially increase revenue for the vendor. Most importantly, eventgoers can enjoy their food experiences, trusting it has been prepared by knowledgeable individuals who comply with food safety standards.

What are the initial steps in the Temporary Food Permit process?

If you are planning to hold a temporary food event in Moultrie County, Illinois, you must do the following:

  1. Download the Temporary Food Permit application from the MCHD’s website. If you need a permit mailed to you, please contact the MCHD.
  2. Complete the required information.
  3. Submit the required application by mail or in person to the MCHD.
  4. Applications should be received no later than seven (7) days before the event. However, if you want the MCHD to advertise your event, your application should be received no later than 21 days before your event.
  5. The TFP process is the gateway to safe and efficient public food service events.

    If you have questions concerning the TFP process or need assistance completing the application, contact the MCHD at (217) 728-4114. We are happy to assist you in making your event safe and successful.

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