Reducing Holiday Stress: 7 Tips to Support Your Well-Being this Season

Reducing Holiday Stress: 7 Tips to Support Your Well-Being this Season

What can you do to prevent a holiday season that starts with high expectations from ending in stress and exhaustion?

Why are holidays stressful?

While the holiday season is portrayed with warmth and connecting with loved ones, it can also bring about stress, anxiety, and a wide range of other emotions.

The pressures of social events, religious functions, travel, and family commitments can overwhelm even the most resilient individuals. Moreover, feelings of loneliness and isolation can exacerbate these challenges.

Given that most holiday activities occur within 10-15 days, a higher stress level is understandable, even under the most favorable circumstances.

How do we reduce holiday stress?

Maintaining your physical and emotional well-being is paramount, regardless of the added expectations and challenges of the season. Here are seven effective methods known to help reduce holiday stress:

#1. Prioritize self-care.
Your mental and emotional resilience can be bolstered by taking time to care for yourself daily. In addition to meeting your physical care needs, make certain to nurture and address your emotional needs. Be flexible in your expectations of yourself and regularly practice self-compassion.

#2. Maintain healthy habits.
In order to keep your energy and tolerance for the holidays in a steady state, be sure to get sufficient rest, eat healthy foods, and engage in physical activity every day. These habits will not only improve your overall well-being but can also help shield you from the negative effects of holiday stress.

#3. Embrace reality.
Set realistic expectations for yourself and others. Avoid overspending by sticking to a holiday budget. Acknowledge and accept your own emotions without judgment. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or share holiday responsibilities with others.

#4. Learn to say “No.”
Overcommitment guarantees more stress during the holidays. Learn to say no to unnecessary obligations. Allow yourself the time and freedom to modify or create new traditions that bring joy rather than stress.

#5. Develop stronger connections.
Despite the busy schedule, seek opportunities for social interaction. Create time for meaningful visits with friends. Nourish your soul by spending time with those you treasure.

#6. Take a winter walk.
Take advantage of winter walks as the weather permits. These walks are good for exercise and sunlight exposure, which are known to help elevate mood and alleviate depression.

#7. Accept small changes.
Incorporate minor adjustments into the days leading to the holidays. Disconnect from technology or indulge in fun, new activities. These simple changes can break up the chain of stress and lift your mood considerably.

Additional tips for reducing holiday stress can be found here.

Wishing You a Peaceful Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, remember to prioritize your well-being, seek support when necessary, and be kind to yourself.

Above all, cherish and maintain those activities and traditions that bring you peace and joy.

The Moultrie County Health Department (MCHD) staff extends warm wishes for a holiday season filled with warmth, connection, and a renewed sense of life balance.

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